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"After six years helping companies in my advisory work and Scaling Up coaching. I've realized that the number one thing almost all the companies that I worked with and even my former company needed is additional profit."


Why Grow Profit or Die?

Wade is sharing his knowledge and experience with business owners and executives who may not have had the opportunity to lead their companies through a recession. 

With his extensive background and proven track record, Wade is well equipped to help others navigate these challenges and come out on the other side stronger and more successful. 

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this workbook will provide valuable insights and practical guidance that you can use to prepare your business for the next recession.

As you delve into this book, you’ll find that it equips your business with the tools to brace for a recession, without prescribing specific actions during a recession. Our aim is to combine our expertise in growing companies’ profits during prosperous times with our experience navigating past recessions to provide you with a comprehensive resource.


Companies and their leadership teams who invest the time and resources in preparing for a recession, are not only setting themselves up for success in the event of an economic downturn, but they are also taking steps to improve their overall business operations and competitiveness. Through our book, companies will prepare for a recession by the review and refinement of current business practices, which can ultimately lead to greater efficiency, effectiveness, and a more resilient company.

Being proactive and doing the necessary pre-work, companies and their teams will gain a deeper understanding of the effects of a recession, allowing them to make informed and strategic decisions. This workbook and any planning or workshop highlight potential pivots or changes that could add revenue or profit to the business, which may be difficult or impossible to implement during a recession. Additionally, the hands-on experience will empower teams to think beyond the recession and be better prepared for any future economic challenge

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